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About Us

Here's How It All Started:

The vision for Roy Rogers Restaurants came about while our father was an executive with Marriott Corporation. The original concept was a simple one. Offer people a choice of the things they like most: hamburgers, roast beef sandwiches and fried chicken. They were called the “Big Three.”

Before the restaurant even had a name the team already knew they wanted to create a wholesome, clean, all-American environment that catered to the tastes and echoed the values of hard working Americans. That’s when the idea hit them to team with America’s favorite cowboy, Roy Rogers.

Roy embodied the honest, wholesome image desired for the brand. His genuine western appreciation for quality roast beef and “down home cooking” provided an authenticity that customers could relate to. Today Roy’s Promise remains the cornerstone of our brand.


Family Values. Family Business.

Our Dad believed so strongly in the original Roy Rogers brand that he left Marriott to become a Roy Rogers franchisee and eventually purchased the chain himself.

Over the past two decades, we have helped him open and operate multiple Roy Rogers restaurants, maintaining his vision for offering guests an experience above and beyond that of most fast food restaurants.

Knowing that the best way to keep Roy Rogers true to its original vision was to keep it in the family, Dad sold us the business in 1998. Today, the Plamondon Companies remains faithful to the Roy Rogers tradition of serving an appealing choice of menu items, made with the best ingredients, and served in a comfortable, enjoyable setting. That commitment has resulted in steady growth for our company and a fiercely loyal following in the Baltimore/Washington region.

The Code of Roy.

Hard work. Character. Honesty. As we look to the future, we see that the values Roy stood for are more relevant than ever. That’s why we take an active role in the communities we serve. And that’s why we work everyday to live up to Roy’s Promise.

So thanks for your patronage. And we look forward to seeing you at Roy’s real soon.

Jim Plamondon
Pete Plamondon